Take advantage of our talent

Our consultants specialize in technology

Reach your business objectives faster by calling on our specialized consultants, who will go on site to meet your IT needs. Our highly qualified resources will put their cutting-edge technological expertise to work for you, while seamlessly integrating into your teams by cultivating a climate of collaboration. Our experts will align with your corporate culture and work with you to meet your unique business challenges, allowing you to reap the benefits of strategic guidance and knowledge sharing.

Assign the right resources to the right place

IT system maintenance, evolution, and support

Increase your staff’s productivity with 24/7 tech support, scheduled maintenance, and integrated software, application, and infrastructure updates. By calling on Nexio’s IT experts, you will benefit from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level support and a broad range of knowledge about various existing technologies. You will also receive performance index reports and be in a position to optimize your IT investments. By entrusting your ancillary tasks to us, you will maximize the potential of your employees, giving you more time to focus on your business goals.

Take your digital service offering to new levels

Compelling web platforms

Make your brand image and business soar to new heights with one of the most comprehensive web platforms on the market. By choosing this content manager, you will reap the benefits of a solid base to conquer your online market and support your digital marketing strategy. Sitecore’s analytical tool will provide you with access to a user-friendly Customer Experience Management software publisher for your marketing and IT teams. Combine content and e-commerce to get personalized, profitable results.

Increase your efficiency

Automate your business processes

Align your business processes with the best practices in the industry, whether it's in the realm of IT, financial management, or human resources. Increase the efficiency of your business operations by optimizing your workflows. Expand your task automation processes and facilitate the management of your financial, personnel, operational, technological, and real estate resources without losing any information. Our team of experts will advise you on the best approach to take to implement and manage your processes using our ServiceNow partner’s platform.



Improve the use of your infrastructure by trusting our team of experts with cutting edge knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices. With insight of the latest trends in the world, we are able to help you reduce your operating costs. Let us advise you, support you and offer solutions tailored to your needs to make your digital transformation optimal. Our job is to best advise our customers on their infrastructure and help them make the best decision.